"And most recently of all, a 'Roman Toga Party' was held from which we have received more than two dozen reports of individual acts of perversion SO profound and disgusting that decorum prohibits listing them here."

~ Animal House (1978)

The Burning Plain

The Burning Plain follows the story of several different people separated by time and space -- Sylvia, a woman in Oregon who must undertake an emotional odyssey to rid herself of her past; Mariana and Santiago, two teenagers trying to piece together the shattered lives of their parents in a New Mexico border town; Maria, a little girl who goes on a border-crossing voyage to help her parents find redemption, forgiveness, and love; and Gina and Nick, a couple who must deal with an intense and clan

  • Rated: R
  • Genre(s): Crime, Drama, Romance
  • Release Date: 11/07/2008
  • Run Time: 107 minutes
  • Director(s): Guillermo Arriaga
  • Writers: Guillermo Arriaga
  • Stars: Charlize Theron, John Corbett, José María Yazpik
  • Cast: Charlize Theron, John Corbett, José María Yazpik, Robin Tunney, Fernanda Romero, Kacie Thomas, Marty Papazian, Jennifer Lawrence, Sean McGrath, JD Pardo, Diego J. Torres, José Gallardo Jr., Rachel Ticotin, Rosalia De Aragon, Debrianna Mansini
  • Studios: 2929 Productions, Costa Films, Parkes/MacDonald Productions

The Burning Plain

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