"Ye godless jaspers! Who are ya? Freemasons? Rosicrucians? Heathen emissaries from the depths of Babylon? Boozers! Gluttons! Gamblers! Fornicators!"

~ Paint Your Wagon (1969)

The Covered Wagon

Two wagon caravans converge at what is now Kansas City, and combine for the westward push to Oregon. On their quest the pilgrims will experience desert heat, mountain snow, hunger, and indian attack. To complicate matters further, a love triangle develops, as pretty Molly must chose between Sam, a brute, and Will, the dashing captain of the other caravan. Can Will overcome the skeleton in his closet and win Molly's heart?

  • Rated:
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Romance, Western
  • Release Date: 09/08/1924
  • Run Time: 98 minutes
  • Director(s): James Cruze
  • Writers: Emerson Hough, Jack Cunningham
  • Stars: J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, Alan Hale
  • Cast: J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, Alan Hale, Ernest Torrence, Tully Marshall, Ethel Wales, Charles Ogle, Guy Oliver, Johnny Fox, James Cruze
  • Studios: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, Paramount Pictures

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